CloudSat and CALIPSO plotting tool


Support for several CloudSat CPR, CALIPSO CALIOP, and Aqua MODIS data sets

ccplot can plot profile, layer, and MODIS earth view data sets. See table below.

Extent selection

Extent to be plotted can be selected vertically by height, and horizontally by rays, time, geographical coordinates, or scanlines and samples (MODIS).

Custom colormaps

Custom colormaps can be constructed if you don't like any of those bundled with ccplot.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio of profile and layer plots can be set. This means your CloudSat and CALIPSO plots will have a uniform look, and thereby be easily comparable.

Multiple output formats

ccplot supports these vector and raster formats: SVG, PNG, PDF, EPS and PostScript.

Multiple projections

ccplot uses basemap map projection library. Several projections are supported, including mercator, transverse mercator, south (north) pole stereographic.

Interpolation radius

ccplot uses nearest-neighbor interpolation for resampling of data onto a regular grid. Interpolation radius can be set on the command-line.

Surface elevation

A surface elevation line can be plotted on CALIPSO profile products.

Comprehensive documentation

ccplot comes with a manual page as well as the thesis Visualising Data from CloudSat and CALIPSO Satellites, containing an overview of the A-Train constallation, products, scientific basis, data processing, and a ccplot tutorial.

Supported products

List of supported instruments and data structures is given in the table below.

Spacecraft Instrument Product Data set
CALIPSO CALIOP Lidar L1B Profiles Total Attenuated Backscatter 532nm
Attenuated Backscatter 1064nm
Perpendicular Attenuated Backscatter 532nm
Attenuated Color Ratio 1064nm/532nm
Depolarization Ratio
Lidar L2 Cloud Layer
(333m, 1km, 5km)
Integrated Attenuated Backscatter 532nm
Integrated Attenuated Backscatter 1064nm
Integrated Attenuated Total Color Ratio 1064nm/532nm
Integrated Volume Depolarization Ratio
Midlayer Temperature
CloudSat CPR 2B-GEOPROF Radar Reflectivity Factor
Aqua MODIS MYD02QKM Bands 1, 2
MYD02HKMBands 1-7
MYD021KMBands 1-12, 13lo, 13hi, 14lo, 14hi, 15-36