CloudSat and CALIPSO plotting tool

ccplot is an open source command-line program for plotting profile, layer and earth view data sets from CloudSat, CALIPSO and Aqua MODIS products.


CALIPSO profile and layer plots

Including surface elevation, custom colormaps and easy extent selection.

ccplot -o calipso532.png -c calipso-backscatter.cmap -a 30 -x 4:16:20..4:21:50 -y 0..30000 calipso532 CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-01.2007-06-12T03-42-18ZN.hdf

CloudSat profile plots

ccplot -c cloudsat-reflectivity.cmap -a 15 -x 24.60S..31S,50W..60W -y -1000..18000 cloudsat-reflec 2009037050924_14779_CS_2B-GEOPROF_GRANULE_P_R04_E02.hdf

CloudSat and CALIPSO trajectories on top of MODIS swath

Several projections and MODIS bands are supported.

ccplot -o orbit-modis_x31+cloudsat.png -m x31 -c modis-temperature.cmap -p tmerc orbit-clipped MYD021KM.A2009037.0515.005.2009332033315.hdf 2009037050924_14779_CS_2B-GEOPROF_GRANULE_P_R04_E02.hdf
ccplot -o orbit-modis_x31+calipso_spstere.png -m x31 -c modis-temperature.cmap -p spstere orbit MYD021KM.A2007163.0415.005.2009290181256.hdf CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-01.2007-06-12T03-42-18ZN.hdf

And more…